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Our self defence courses for school children are designed to cover 2 main aspects

  • How to recognise a situation
  • How to react in that situation

In most cases untrained children and young adults to do one of two things... Either they freeze or they panic - Neither is much use. Ideally you want a child or young adult to stay calm under pressure. To think clearly and to use their self defence techniques to great effect. Our courses for children and young adults are developed with this in mind.

Self-Defence Course Overview

  • Understanding body language before conflict
  • Protecting your personal space
  • Pre-emptive strikes
  • Release from chokes & strangles
  • The Fence (protecting your personal space)
  • Defence against knife hold ups
  • Knowing when and how to strike
  • Self Defence and the Law in Ireland

As well as teaching these lifelong skills, this course is a great team building experience that students find informative and enjoyable. All courses are age appropriate. If you are a school looking to run a course, call today for more information, the course can take place in your school or at another venue that is suitable to you.


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How we Help

Grants Window Upgrades IrelandOur self defence and security programmes not only help counter againsts unexpected incidents but it can help boost confidense, keep you fit and learn usefull skills and apply them to other areas.

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Our Team

Self Defense Courses IrelandOur team at Close Encounters Self Defence is made up of qualified and certified instructors that have extensive backgrounds in self-defence. All of our instructors are garda vetted for work in schools and with children.

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Our Commitment

We take pride in offering the very best in our training courses and our aim to to ensure all participants come out feeling more confident, helathier and assured. No matter what age we can provide a customer course suited to you.

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Get in touch with Close Encounters today for more information about our services. We provide a nationwide service and cater for schools, groups, business's and classes of any size:

Ken: 086 400 4784 / Eamon: 086 813 4751

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